Northern California Community Development Corporation, a non-profit 501(c)3 California corporation, has closed escrow on a major ranch property in southern Butte County.  The 48-acre property is improved with several buildings including a main lodge, four houses, seven bunk houses and additional ranch outbuildings.  The property will be used for Victory Village, a clean and sober living complex for disabled Veterans.  The website for Victory Village is http://www.victoryvillagevets.org.

Investors Wanted for Historic Rehabilitation Projects


Historic rehabilitation projects.  Seeking investors for investments in historic rehabilitation projects in Yuba County, California.  Excellent returns though the acquisition and value added rehabilitation of undervalued and distressed properties.  Historic rehabilitation tax credits.  Contact Eric Almquist ericjalmquist@gmail.com.


RED Inc.

I am pleased to announce that Real Estate Developments, Incorporated has received its determination from the Internal Revenue Service that it is classified as a non-profit corporation under Section 501(C)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.  This means that our affordable housing program will be exempt from federal income taxes and can then pass this benefit along to the recipients of our low and affordable income housing program.  It also means that we will be able to obtain grants for this program.

RED Inc.

In order to provide affordable housing opportunities for low and moderate income families and individuals, Eric J. Almquist, its President, is pleased to announce the formation of Real Estate Developments, Inc. Always one for humor, the firm will be referred to as RED INC. Red Inc. is seeking approval from the IRS as a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. It will specialize in rehabilitation of low income housing and development of new affordable housing projects such as manufactured housing. The President has rehabilitated over 1,000 housing units in his career as a licensed commercial real estate broker and licensed general building contractor with C-21 demolition specialty endorsement.


Every sort of real estate investment has been syndicated.  Office buildings, residential income, rehab projects, development projects, new construction, etc., can be successfully accomplished by the pooling of individual investments to fund a large project that might not be done alone.

A good deal of my real estate experience has been with group investments including office buildings, industrial properties and residential income properties as large as 106 units.  For those who are not inclined to invest on their own, many times group investments can offer higher returns and less risk than individual investments.

Presently, I am seeking investors to acquire a motel property that may be used for Victory Village, disabled Veterans housing and recovery program.  Please contact me and I will inform you of investment opportunities as they become available.   There is no obligation, of course.